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How do I migrate from Office 365 to Office 365 keeping the same domain name?

MigrationWiz Support
posted this on August 11, 2011, 08:41

When migrating from Office 365 to Office 365, we recommend purchasing and using a Premium License as you may need to pickup residual data.  We also recommend performing a "big bang" style migration for the entire domain if possible.

Office 365 to Office 365 migrations can be accomplished without any problems using these steps. These steps assume you want to keep the same domain name while avoiding any type of loss during the transition. If the source and destination domains will be different, then more basic steps will work (simply use MigrationWiz to copy data between mailboxes).

High-level steps

  1. At the destination, create mailboxes with temporary addresses
  2. Migrate mailbox data from source to destination mailboxes
  3. Move MX and the domain to the destination O365 organization
  4. Add final email addresses to destination mailboxes

Detailed steps

  1. Add the domain to the destination Office 365 account to obtain the TXT verification records.  Note that you should not click the Verify button as the verification will fail.  This step is only to obtain the TXT verification records.
  2. Add the TXT verification record to DNS so that it may replicate throughout the internet for use later.
  3. Change the MX record for the domain you wish to transfer to a very small TTL (i.e. one minute)
  4. Import your users into the destination Office 365 account using the * email address for the new accounts.
  5. Create a connector under your MigrationWiz account by selecting Microsoft Office 365 as the Source Type and Destination Type:Capture.PNG
  6. Specify to use administrator credentials for both the source and destination end-points using the * email address of the admin account
  7. Import your mailboxes into MigrationWiz using the * email addresses for both the source and destination
  8. Submit your mailboxes for migration to perform a first pass
  9. Change the primary MX record from Office 365 to domain that is not reachable. i.e.
  10. Wait the TTL period set in step #1 before continuing
  11. Submit a second migration pass to pickup any residual items
  12. Delete all users, contacts and groups from the source Office 365 account.  This step is important to ensure that no object reference the domain.  Just removing the email address from objects is not sufficient.
  13. Remove the domain from the source Office 365 account
  14. Wait 30 minutes for domain removal replication
  15. Verify the domain in the destination Office 365 account.  Note that since you previously added the domain to the account, all you are doing is clicking the Verify button.  If you are unable to verify your domain and see an error saying the domain already exists on another account, contact Microsoft Support at 1-866-291-7726 (US Toll-Free, other numbers also available) and tell them that the domain needs to be manually deprovisioned from Forefront.
  16. Add the corresponding email address for the newly added and verified domain to each user
  17. Wait 1 hour for the domain to replicate to FOPE.  If you do not wait this period before continuing, new incoming email may bounce because FOPE does not recognize the domain.  Please refer to Microsoft KB article 2603474.
  18. Point the primary MX record for the domain back to Office 365
  19. Optionally remove the backup MX provider

Note that per step #5, you should configure your migrations to use the secondary smtp domain that Microsoft assigned to you. This is used purely to lookup your mailbox only.

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