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What is your data security and privacy policy?

MigrationWiz Support
posted this on March 16, 2011, 15:36

We take mailbox data security and privacy very seriously. Our product has been used to migrate Fortune 100 companies, American and foreign governments, police departments, banks, stock exchanges, telecoms, hospitals and healthcare organizations – all with very stringent security requirements.

We deploy many manual and automated checks and balances throughout to ensure that we are compliant with our own policies.

Trusted Brand

We perform migrations in over 50 countries.  The most security conscious organizations have used our product which spans, health care, governments, and some of the largest publically-traded companies in the world.

Fully Automated

Our migration solution is fully automated.  This is more secure than your traditional solutions as there is no human interaction with the servers, software or migration process.  MigrationWiz minimizes handling of credentials and data by IT staff.

Zero Deployment

MigrationWiz operates outside of the firewall and connects to messaging systems the same way any external user would.  No need to install 3rd party software inside of your firewall/network.

Mailbox Data

Mailbox data (including subjects, bodies, attachments, etc.) is not stored on our servers. In some cases, the data may be cached temporarily in order to optimize network throughput. Rest assured that your data is wiped immediately, if cached, once that mailbox is done migrating.

Mailbox Credentials

Mailbox credentials are stored using military-grade AES encryption. Once credentials are submitted, by either the administrator or end-user, the credentials cannot be retrieved or seen. The credentials are immediately purged from the system once you delete the corresponding configuration it is associated to.

Auto-Purge Policy

We have implemented an automatic purge policy that will delete any configuration that is not used. If no migration has been performed within 90 days (either of your last migration or creation of configuration, whichever is later), we will delete the data from our servers. You can configure this to be a longer or shorter period.

PCI Compliance

Our data center is PCI compliant and some of our locations around the world are SAS 70 Type II compliant.

Data Center Location

You can select the location of the data center from which migrations will be processed. We offer data center locations in Australia, Europe, USA, Japan, South East Asia and South America.

Safe Harbor Compliance

We are certified as a safe harbor organization for the purpose of privacy laws and compliance with EU data protection directives.

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